Railway ways

Own access railway track with a capacity of up to 160 cars

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+7 (863) 303-29-30
Railway ways
Railway ways
Railway ways


The reason for the demand for railway transportation lies in serious advantages over other modes of transport, especially for large consignments of goods.

The company has the ability to receive railway trains, thanks to its own access railway lines with 2 branches with a capacity of up to 160 cars. Also, our access roads are equipped with a weighing station that allows you to control the number of imported goods.

40 wagons — daily acceptance rate, rail weight and own diesel locomotive.

Possibility of combining auto and railway transportation

Road and rail transport are often combined in order to take full advantage of the transport and deliver goods «to the door»

Low cost of transportation

Due to very high load carrying capacity

Independent of weather conditions

Reduces possible costs due to travel delays

Schedule accuracy

Easy to predict delivery time

Railway transport safety

Hacking wagons and theft of goods are very rare

Company`s mission

We are always available to the client and help him to succeed in everything. We strive to be the most efficient, safe and sustainable port in our region through continuous improvement and the introduction of new technologies.

Seyfullaev Ali Magaramovich

Managing director of LLC «South Seaport»


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South seaport office phone number

+7 (863) 303 29 30

Head office

Russia, Rostov region
Azov, per. Chernomorsky, 1

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