Online course on “International Raw Materials Trade”

24 November
Online course on “International Raw Materials Trade” Online course on “International Raw Materials Trade”

«Astra Alliance» Group of Companies, which includes «Yuzhny Seaport», has prepared and launched an online course on «International Raw Materials Trade». This project was the first step towards the implementation of the main mission of the «Astra Alliance» Group: «Transformation and digitalization of international trade.»

The online course includes only relevant information and examples from the company’s practical activities, as well as the knowledge of specialists accumulated during their work in the field of import and export of raw materials.

The purpose of this course is fast, high-quality and effective training in basic knowledge of international trade in raw materials for everyone who is interested in this topic and who wants to get practical experience from specialists in this field.

The online course consists of 17 video lessons, which include training material for 4 modules (fundamentals of international trade, procurement and logistics, trading, document flow and finance in international trade), as well as test assignments and additional sources for self-study.

Anyone can take the course, complete all tasks and receive an official certificate of completion of the online course from the «Astra Alliance» Group of Companies. This certificate is a significant advantage for the applicant when applying for a job in the companies «Astra Alliance», «Agro Zerno Yug» and «South Sea Port». All material is in the public domain. You can find it on the official channel of the Astra Alliance group of companies on Youtube at the link.

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